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The IDF: A Politician’s Army

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 30, 2007.

The IDF—the Israel Defense Forces—has long been known as a “citizens army.” Since December 1987, however, when the first intifada broke out, the IDF has increasingly become a politician’s army. Its primary purpose is not to protect Israel’s civilian population, but to protect the international reputation of Israeli prime ministers. These prime ministers want to be perceived as humanitarians, exercising self-restraint vis- -vis Arab terrorists.

This, they believe, will inspire respect for themselves (and Israel) as morally superior to their enemies. Self-restraint has thus become their badge of honor and reinforces Israel’s reputation as “the only democracy in the Middle East.” Given this reputation, Public Relations preoccupy Israel’s ruling elites. » Continue reading “The IDF: A Politician’s Army”

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Israeli Versus Arab Leaders

Unlike many Israeli leaders, who never tire of expressing their desire for “peace,” Arab leaders profess a desire for “peace and justice.” To this extent, these Arabs seems to stand on a higher moral level than their Israeli counterparts.

Also, Arab spokesmen frequently invoke the name of G-d in their quest to gain control of “Palestine,” i.e. the Land of Israel. Even if these Arabs have murder in their hearts, their appeal to G-d sanctifies His name and thereby furthers the Arab cause vis- -vis Israel whose current leaders are unabashed secularists, not to say atheists.

These words may disturb some readers, but they go to the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict. » Continue reading “Israeli Versus Arab Leaders”

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To Save Israel

An Open Letter to Uzi Landau, Former Cabinet Minister;
Yoram Ettinger, Ambassador (ret.);
William Mehlman, Publisher;
Herzl Makov, Former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Shamir;
and other signatories of the timely ads appearing in The Jerusalem Post under the heading “To All Am Israel.”

Dear Friends:

For quite some time I have urged the formation of a team of individuals representing diverse professions and sectors of Israeli society to seek and select a person possessing the courage, wisdom, and affability required to be Israel’s prime minister. » Continue reading “To Save Israel”

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The Collapse of Pax-Americana: A Sequel

Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz. Through that narrow waterway, 40% of the West’s oil flows from the Persian Gulf states of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2006, Iran undertook a simulated maneuver to take over the Strait of Hormuz. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei warned: “If the Americans make the wrong move toward Iran, the shipment of energy will definitely face danger, and the Americans would not be able to protect their energy supply in the region.” Which means that not a drop of the West’s oil will pass through the Strait of Hormuz. This would utterly wreck the West’s economy, including the economy of the United States.

President Bush is of course afraid to convey this information to the American people. He has thus allowed the Democratic Party to undermine his policy in Iraq.

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Democracy and Deference

Many concerned Zionists wonder why the various non-parliamentary groups composing the nationalist camp cannot unite to form a broad-based political party, one that could readily win hundreds of thousands of floating votes. After all, polls indicate that as much as 90% of the public regards the Knesset as a mere haven for job-seekers. So what prevents the groups composing the nationalist camp from uniting behind a coherent and resolute national strategy?

A basic reason will be found in Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America. » Continue reading “Democracy and Deference”

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The Collapse of Pax-Americana: What’s Next for Israel?

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 23, 2007.

How the mighty have fallen!

1) The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 meant the end of a bipolar world. This was followed by a multipolar world, until 9/11.

2) 9/11 produced a unipolar world and the American doctrine of unilateralism. The U.S. issued a “with-us-or-against-us” foreign policy directed against any state harboring terrorists. The destruction of the Taliban in Afghanistan followed. Iraq came next, where the U.S. implemented a policy of pre-emptive attack on any enemy state developing weapons of mass destruction. But Iraq complicated matters. Destroying the regime of Saddam Hussein necessitated “regime change,” and this meant democratization—and not only of Iraq. Could the U.S establish a Pax-Americana in the Islamic Middle East? » Continue reading “The Collapse of Pax-Americana: What’s Next for Israel?”

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Dead Fish

Even before the “first” intifada of December 1987, Israeli prime ministers and generals could be heard saying: “The people of Israel are tired of war, and this is why we must seek peace.” No wonder war is always on Israel’s doorstep. This statement is an incitement to war!

But what does this statement tell us about Israel’s ruling elites? On the one hand, it implies profound ignorance: that they are oblivious of the permanent dimensions of the conflict between Jews and Muslims—the religious and cultural dimensions. On the other hand, it suggests cowardice: » Continue reading “Dead Fish”

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What Must Be Done To Save Israel: A Sequel

I have been asked to elaborate on my article “What Must Be Done To Save Israel.”

When I speak of a team of professionals forming an “alternative government,” I mean one whose projected cabinet ministers are housed in Jerusalem and are prepared to exercise political power. However, to dramatize the magnitude of Israel’s precarious situation resulting from the spineless and treacherous character of the Olmert regime, this “alternative government” must organize a “Congress of National Salvation.”

This Congress—I have a working paper for such a Congress—will be animated by one general idea: » Continue reading “What Must Be Done To Save Israel: A Sequel”

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What Must Be Done To Save Israel

The Olmert government has surrendered to the enemy. This craven government has emasculated the IDF, which, instead of being used to defeat the enemy, will be used to expel Jews from Judea and Samaria to facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian terrorist state. This is treason!

Each day Olmert remains in office brings us closer to the abyss. There is no reason to expect the full final version of the Winograd Report to bring about his resignation or induce the Knesset to vote no confidence in his government.

Ehud Barak and his Labor party will not resign from the government, and neither will Avigdor Leiberman and his Israel Beiteinu party. The same holds for Shas. Labor especially knows it will be relegated to the political wilderness, since elections will propel Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud to power.

A Netanyahu government, however, will not save Israel. » Continue reading “What Must Be Done To Save Israel”

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Who Will Win The Third World War: A Question of Deity

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 16, 2007.

In his classic Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville writes: “There is hardly any human action, however particular it may be, that does not originate in some very general idea men have conceived of the Deity …”

Muslim clerics make this absolutely clear In a sermon delivered at the Qabaa mosque in Al-Madina, Sheikh Abd Al-’Aziz Qari declared: “Two groups—the Jews and the Christians—are the main elements constituting the ‘Camp of Kufur’ [infidels] and will continue to be its two foundations until Allah allows their downfall and annihilation at the end of days…”

In a sermon at a Mecca mosque, Sheikh Adnan Ahmad Siyami said: » Continue reading “Who Will Win The Third World War: A Question of Deity”

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