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Outline of A Jewish National Strategy

No great wisdom is required to enumerate the axiomatic requirements of a Jewish national strategy. Only needed is candor and courage. These axiomatic requirements are:

  1. Public affirmation that Israel is the Commonwealth of the Jewish People.

  2. Public affirmation that such a Commonwealth must be based on Jewish principles and values. » Continue reading “Outline of A Jewish National Strategy”

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Olmert’s Cease-Fire Policy

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s cease-fire policy is precisely that: Israelis cease while Arabs fire. How are we to understand this absurdity?

I contend that Olmert, in addition to being an idiot, is complicit in murder. His cease-fire policy—it’s also called “self-restraint”—allows Arab terrorists to fire missiles at Jewish communities and kill Jews with impunity. But this touches only the surface of things. » Continue reading “Olmert’s Cease-Fire Policy”

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Knowing WHY Israel is Disintegrating is the First Step Toward Its Salvation: Part I

[Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, December 25, 2006.]

Israel is disintegrating. The basic causes of this disintegration may be listed under four headings: (1) disunity resulting from a lack of Jewish statesmanship and Jewish national purpose; (2) disunity resulting from a flawed system of government; (3) disunity resulting from excessive cultural heterogeneity; (4) disunity resulting from secular-religious discord.

Underlying each of these causes is a more fundamental one: a modern conception of democracy that clashes with Judaism and makes it impossible to achieve the national unity required for Israel’s survival. » Continue reading “Knowing WHY Israel is Disintegrating is the First Step Toward Its Salvation: Part I”

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A Perfidious Ruling of Israel’s Supreme Court

On December 12, 2006, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that Palestinian residents of the “West Bank” and Gaza could file lawsuits against Israel for damages incurred in IDF operations, provided that the operations in question did not take place as part of a clearly defined “war.”

The court ignored or trivialized the fact that the elected leaders of these Palestinians, consistent with their PLO Constitution, are explicitly waging a relentless war against Israel. » Continue reading “A Perfidious Ruling of Israel’s Supreme Court”

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On Exaggeration

Some readers of my article “Russia and Israel” may think I exaggerate. I would only like to remind them of the wisdom of the 20th century Spanish philosopher, Ortega y Gasset: “You can’t say anything of significance without exaggeration.”

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Russia and Israel

My primary source for this article is an essay appearing in Theodore Dalrymple, Our Culture, What’s Left of It (2005). Dalrymple has been called the George Orwell and Edmund Burke of our age.

In his essay “How to Read a Society,” Dalrymple discusses Astolphe de Custine’s book, La Russe en 1839, which Alexander Herzen deemed the best ever written on the subject and lamented that only a foreigner could have written.

Custine was a younger contemporary of Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America, was published in 1835, just before Custine visited Russia. » Continue reading “Russia and Israel”

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Israel’s Virtual Idiots

Israelis have found that the Hebrew word for “fools,” tipshim, does not quite describe Israel’s political leaders. Hence they have Hebraicized and pluralized the word idiot and now call these politicians “idiotim.” Of course they mean virtual idiots.

This is pretty much the assessment of Jerusalem Post analyst Caroline Glick in her column of December 12. She recalls the unremitting collaboration of UNIFIL with Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as the refusal of in-place European forces “to lift a finger to prevent or even protest the massive, illicit inundation of Gaza with Iranian weaponry transiting through Egypt.” » Continue reading “Israel’s Virtual Idiots”

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How Not To Read Me

Some superficial readers construed the closing paragraph of my “Kudos for Caroline” as symptomatic of “defeatism” because, after elaborating on Ms. Glick’s calling for a popular uprising, and seeming to negate the efficacy of such a proposal, I conclude by saying:

You want a positive recommendation? Pray! That’s the only recommendation I can make that precludes the typical response to my positive proposals: “We don’t have enough time.» Continue reading “How Not To Read Me”

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1) To paraphrase, in part, Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Patterns in Time), to the non-Jewish world, time is a linear flow without relation to anything external. No instant of time is truly connected to any other, or every instant of time is the same as any other instant of time. This is the position of Sir Isaac Newton in his Principia Mathematica: “Absolute, true, and mathematical time, of itself and from its own nature, flows equably without relation to any thing external …”

2) Therefore, in the world of common sense, what assigns placement in time is any repeating phenomenon, be it a clock of a pendulum, or (as in the Torah) perceived changes in sun and moon. » Continue reading “Time”

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Kudos for Caroline

Our gallant and gifted political analyst, Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, has called for a popular uprising against the Olmert government. Her December 8, 2006 article “Jews Wake Up!” focuses on the existential threat looming over Israel by Iran’s nuclear development, which may yield nuclear weapons as early as March 2007, four months away.

What is more, some experts say that Iran, given the increasing range of its missiles, may soon have the ability to nuke European and even American cities! Hence Glick is all the more dismayed by the statement of incoming Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that the U.S. cannot guarantee that Iran will not attack Israel with nuclear weapons. » Continue reading “Kudos for Caroline”

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