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Ariel Center: New Issue of Nativ Online

On Behalf Of Leah at the Ariel Center for Policy Research

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Nativ Online—in English.

We welcome you to visit the ACPR website, and read the latest issue (No. 9) of Nativ Online. » Continue reading “Ariel Center: New Issue of Nativ Online

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Needed: An Ideological Offensive

A comment on the article: Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict, which appeared on the website.

The hypersensitivity of Muslims or Arabs to aspersions of their prophet Muhammad is not merely a result of piety. Muslims have exaggerated ideas of their world–historical significance; indeed, they are notorious for their overweening pride. The West indulges this conceit, and not only because of the West's dependence on the oil resources of the Persian Gulf. Also operative is cultural relativism, which has eroded the West's confidence as the pinnacle of civilization.

Be this as it may, notice the double standards and duplicity of Muslim clerics who demand Pope Benedict XVI apologize for his unflattering reference to Muhammad: Did these clerics ever apologize for 9/11? » Continue reading “Needed: An Ideological Offensive”

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Approaching the Day of Judgment

I believe Pope Benedict XVI would be on more solid moral grounds if he were to call upon Muslims to apologize for their sins against the Jewish people as did Pope John Paul II.

In A Jew Today (1978), Elie Wiesel, a survivor of the death camps, recalls how he had been “struck by a harsh truth: in Auschwitz all the Jews were victims, all the killers were Christians.” He apologizes for embarrassing his Christian friends, but he is morally bound to tell the truth. He asks: “How is one to explain that neither Hitler nor Himmler was never excommunicated by the Church? » Continue reading “Approaching the Day of Judgment”

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Dialogue Versus the Sword

The following is a comment on the article: Pope Benedict Criticizes Islam, which appeared on the website.

The violent Muslim reaction to Pope Benedict's reference to Muhammad involves far more than the issue of freedom of speech. The ultimate issue is one of theological truth on the one hand, and the true nature of Islam on the other. Pope Benedict's “indirect” disparagement of Muhammad—who was denigrated by St. Thomas Aquinas, the touchstone of Roman Catholicism—is by definition a disparagement of Islam.

Be this as it may, the Pope now calls for “dialogue.” When Islam substitutes dialogue for the sword it will cease to be Islam. » Continue reading “Dialogue Versus the Sword”

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An Unheard Speech

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of Caroline Glick’s brilliant article “Israel’s Strategic Rot” (The Jerusalem Post, September 19, 2006), I am republishing a piece which might have been entitled “The Rot Underlying Israel’s Strategic Rot.” » Continue reading “An Unheard Speech”

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Ethical Standards in Israel

Israeli Jurisprudence Lowers Israel's Ethical Standards

The following was reported by Arutz-7 on September 17, 2006:

“Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has decided not to open a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a noted pen-collector, regarding the various expensive pens given to him over the years.

“Mazuz explained that the police had failed to uncover concrete evidence indicating that the pens served as bribe. » Continue reading “Ethical Standards in Israel”

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Some Insights of Ben Hecht

The following paraphrases observations and ideas articulated in Ben Hecht’s Guide for the Bedevilled.

1. Our reasonable thinkers are always assuring us that it is a sin against reason to condemn a whole people as evil when only a part of their soul is at fault; since it is obvious that, in addition to being or gleefully cheering murderers, they are also very polite and hospitable. » Continue reading “Some Insights of Ben Hecht”

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Bravo, Australia !!

Please disseminate these marvelous items as widely as possible—and perhaps once a week! Try to get this edict to President Bush and of course to high profile American journalists.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Australia meets with Muslim leaders to root out extremism

Courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor Online

Prime minister John Howard held a summit with Muslim representatives, but left out many others. By Janaki Kremmer, Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor. 25 August 2005.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The London Tube bombings this July have raised concerns about domestic terrorism in countries with large Muslim immigrant populations, including Australia, which has hitherto enjoyed a fair measure of interreligious harmony. » Continue reading “Bravo, Australia !!”

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How Some Nations Empower Their People: Israel Disenfranchises Them—Part II

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, September 18, 2006.

As indicated in Part I, members of Israel’s Knesset are not individually elected by or accountable to the people in constituency elections. This enables Knesset members to ignore public opinion with impunity. That’s what 23 Likud MKs did when they voted for Sharon’s Labor-inspired policy of “disengagement,” a policy rejected by a vast majority of the people in the 2003 election.

This policy—Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza —led to the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, as recently confirmed by former Chief of General Staff Moshe Yaalon.

Now it’s easy to blame Israel’s fiasco in that war on the flawed character of Israel’s political elites. But if we consider how disengagement via the Evacuation Law was passed, the war would not have occurred were it not for the flawed character of Israel’s system of governance—a system that virtually disenfranchises the Jewish people. Let’s probe a little deeper. » Continue reading “How Some Nations Empower Their People: Israel Disenfranchises Them—Part II”

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On Papal Fallibility

On Tuesday (September 12, 2006) in Germany, Pope Benedict XVI quoted verbatim from criticism of the Prophet Muhammad by the 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus:

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

» Continue reading “On Papal Fallibility”

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