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The Wisdom of Jonathan Netanyahu

As we pray for Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas, it would be well to recall the Entebbe rescue and ponder the wisdom of its fallen hero, Jonathan Netanyahu, z”l. The following is abstracted from his published letters.

September 3, 1965, to his family: “As you know, there is a great hubbub in Israel now with the elections approaching…. None of the parties satisfies me, and none of them represents what I think is right.”

February 16, 1969, to his parents: “Zahal [the Israel Defense Forces] is the only thing that stands between ourselves and the slaughter of our people as in days gone by.” » Continue reading “The Wisdom of Jonathan Netanyahu”

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How a Factitious Democracy Emasculates Israel

A basic principle of democracy is the subordination of military to civilian authority.

This principle prompts democracies to pursue a foreign policy based on peace, hence to resolve international conflicts by diplomatic rather than military means.

What tests the mettle of a nation, however, is not peace but war. War often steels a nation’s will, produces heroes, fosters self-sacrifice and dedication to the common good. In contrast, the quest for peace is often symptomatic of self-indulgence, cowardice, and decadence.

Welcome to Israel. What has happened to this once dauntless nation? What has happened to its superb military establishment, the Israel Defense Forces? » Continue reading “How a Factitious Democracy Emasculates Israel”

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Why The Right Has Failed

[Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, June 26, 2004.]

For more than three decades, Europe has been dominated by the Left, by its post-Christian politicians, professors, and journalists. Today Europe is dying—Arabized. But as Oriana Fallaci has boldly pointed out, the Right is no less to blame for Europe’s cultural demise.

By the “Right” she means “nationalists” who, whether in France or in Holland, could have galvanized the people of their respective countries against the Left’s multiculturalism and permissive Arab immigration laws which have stripped each nation of its cultural heritage. The Right failed to counter the Left’s rhetoric that the nation-state is obsolete, that nationalism conduces to war, and that democratic universalism must be the basis of the New World Order. » Continue reading “Why The Right Has Failed”

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Helping the Jewish Refugees Rebuild Their Lives

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: A Message From Friends of Gush Katif

More than ten months after their tragic expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, most of the expellees still have not received the compensation promised them by the Israeli Government. And, the major American Jewish organizations, as a whole, have ignored their plight and welfare. Since the organized Jewish community is not assisting these needy Jews financially, we as individuals must provide the necessary aid. To that end, and as announced yesterday on the ZOA Middle East Report radio program (available at, I hereby announce the email launch of the Friends of Gush Katif Jewish Refugee Fund, from which 100% of the dollars raised will go directly to the expellees, through the registered 501C(3) charitable fund, “Friends of Gush Katif.” » Continue reading “Helping the Jewish Refugees Rebuild Their Lives”

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Democracy and Morality: Ancient and Modern

Although democracy had its origin in classical Athens—what could be more democratic than an assembly whose members are chosen by lot?—the Athenian attitude toward sexuality in those days was very different from that which prevails in democracies today.

In his book Law, Sexuality, and Society, David Cohen reminds us that in classical Athens “a wide variety of [sexual] offenses brought some degree or another of loss of civic rights (atimia: literally: the state of being without honor).” An honorable reputation was of fundamental political importance in Athenian democracy. » Continue reading “Democracy and Morality: Ancient and Modern”

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Eurabia, Dhimmi-tude, and the War Against Israel

This article is based largely on Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia, which shows that Europe has succumbed to “dhimmi-tude” and is waging a war against Israel in collaboration with the Arab League.

Dhimmi-tude is the condition of servility and humiliation Jews and Christians suffered under Muslim rule. But today Europe itself has succumbed to dhimmi-tude and is committing cultural suicide. » Continue reading “Eurabia, Dhimmi-tude, and the War Against Israel”

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Dhimmitude in Israel

Israelis should not be surprised by the reported success of Ehud Olmert’s first tour of Europe as Israel’s prime minister. Although European leaders did not publicly endorse, they did not oppose, Mr. Olmert’s “Realignment Plan.” Why should they?

Israel’s surrendering Judea and Samaria to the Arabs is quite consistent with Europe’s long-established policy of appeasement. In fact, numerous studies reveal that, since the 1970’s, Europe’s political, media, and academic elites have allowed and even encouraged Arabs and Islam to encroach extensively on European civilization, now post-Christian. » Continue reading “Dhimmitude in Israel”

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As Kassam missiles continue to rain on Sderot with only verbal retaliation by the Kadima-led government of Ehud Olmert, it occurred to the present writer—who had just published an article on self-restraint or Havlaga—that some patriotic high-ranking officers of the Israel Defense Forces ought to call on the prime minister and tell him that unless he takes firm and decisive action against the enemy, they will resign and arouse the public against his spineless government.

On the other hand, if Israel were a third world country, high-ranking officers in such a country would simply stage a coup d’etat. Ah, but Israel is a democracy, or rather, its ruling elites must preserve Israel’s reputation as a democracy, for that alone endows them with legitimacy and respectability. » Continue reading “Cowardice”

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The Tyranny of Contemporary Democracy

Contemporary democracy is a subtle form of tyranny—something the people of Israel, including political scientists, are unaware of. You will ask: How can contemporary democracy, which is based on freedom, be tyrannical? I will answer this question by means of Aristotle, the founder of political science.

In his unsurpassed Politics, Aristotle demonstrates that tyranny combines the worst aspects of democracy and oligarchy. The worst aspect of democracy—which is not to deny it any merit—is a hatred of privilege. Democracy readily succumbs to egalitarianism—to egalitarian envy and a leveling of all moral distinctions. All lifestyles become equal. » Continue reading “The Tyranny of Contemporary Democracy”

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Hatikva, a few days after the liberation of Bergen Belsen.

This recently discovered recording [access by clicking on the link below] was made by the BBC on April 20, 1945, a few days after the liberation of Bergen Belsen by the British Army.

An amazing recording.

May we be worthy of these incredible Jews.

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