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The Pensioners’ Complaint

Natan Levin, chairman of Keren Lazaken, told The Jerusalem Post (April 27, 2006) that Gil [Pensioners] MKs were “only worried about themselves and their positions in the government and did not care about the people they were sent to the Knesset to represent.”

He informed The Post that before the March 28 election, the Gil politicians had signed a declaration promising to fight for the pensioners’ rights in the areas of economic aid and health, but that in the month since election, “all we have heard in the media is fighting over [cabinet] portfolios”

Mr. Levin’s complaint illustrates a fact which I have repeatedly emphasized, namely, that Israel’s inability to deal effectively and honestly with its socio-economic and security problems is a direct result of its inept and pernicious system of governance. » Continue reading “The Pensioners’ Complaint”

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Brainless and Heartless

Albert Camus wisely said, “How many crimes are committed simply because their authors could not endure being wrong.” This applies to Israel’s ruling elites. Thirteen years of Arab terror and 6,000 Jewish casualties have cowed and stupefied these elites. Ehud Olmert is committed to the policy of his comatose predecessor. Brainless and heartless, he promises more territorial retreat on the one hand, and the deportation of more Jews on the other.

The American educator Max Lerner once said, “Man’s will creates the things that paralyze his brain and brutalize his heart.” This applies not only to recent Israeli prime ministers, but also to Israel’s Supreme Court, whose decisions have given Arabs a license to kill Jews. » Continue reading “Brainless and Heartless”

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The Obsolescence of the Religious Parties

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, April 24, 2006.

Thirteen bloody years of experience with the serial killers of the Palestinian Authority (PA) have taught Israel’s Left nothing—and the mentality of Left has infected the nation, including the religious parties and the misnamed Right. Despite the genocidal objectives of the PA, Israel behaves as if peace with these Jew-killers can be achieved by “disengagement.” How is this bizarre state of affairs to be understood? » Continue reading “The Obsolescence of the Religious Parties”

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Science: The Handmaid of the Torah

Astronomers and astrophysicists are revealing with increasing frequency the compatibility of the Torah with the most recent discoveries in science. A recent article in one of the foremost international journals of physics bears the title, “Creation of the Universe from Nothing”:

At the 1990 meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Professor John Mather of Columbia University, an astrophysicist … presented “the most dramatic support ever” for an open universe [i.e., one which supports a cosmological proof of God’s existence].… Mather’s keynote address was greeted with thunderous applause, which led the meeting’s chairman, Dr. Geoffrey Burbidge [an atheist astronomer], to comment: “It seems clear that the audience is in favor of the book of Genesis—at least the first verse or so, which seems to have been confirmed.”

The renowned mathematical physicist and reputed atheist Stephen Hawking concedes: “It would be very difficult to explain why the universe should have begun in just this way, except as the act of a God who intended to create beings like us.” » Continue reading “Science: The Handmaid of the Torah”

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The Culpability of the Religious Parties

1) Are the religious parties oblivious of the fact that Israel is in a war for its survival? Are they ignorant of the fact that the distinction between soldiers and civilians in this war has no validity?

2) When the United States Atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed tens of thousands of civilians in each city, they did what was morally correct, for they thereby shortened the war. Had the war continued, it would have required a U.S. invasion of Japan. Millions of casualties on both sides would have resulted. Similarly, when the Allies napalmed Dresden and killed a hundred thousand civilians, that bombing was morally justifiable, for these civilians aided and abetted the Nazi war machine. Is the government of Israel waiting for a mega-attack on Tel Aviv? » Continue reading “The Culpability of the Religious Parties”

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The Contagious Left: A Message to the Religious Community

Thirteen bloody years of experience with the pathological liars and serial killers of the Palestinian Authority have taught Israel’s Left nothing—and the mentality of Left has infected the nation, including the religious parties and the misnamed Right. Despite the fact that the PA is not only accumulating more and more missiles, but has also educated a generation of Arab children to emulate homicide bombers, hence, despite the transparency of their genocidal objectives, Israel behaves as if peace with these Jew-killers can be achieved by “disengagement.”

Although the present writer has shown that Israel is suffering from a mental disorder comparable to schizophrenia, a disorder widespread in democracies steeped in moral relativism (see Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy), also needed is a Jewish understanding of this malady. » Continue reading “The Contagious Left: A Message to the Religious Community”

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The “Right”: Is it Merely Homeless?

Former MK Elyakim Haetzni has just written an article “The Homeless Right.” It contains a post mortem of the March 2006 elections. He Haetzni deplores the decline of the “national camp,” but he suggests it can be rejuvenated: how he does not say. No wonder. His analysis does not scratch even the surface of the basic cause of the national camp’s decline.

The basic cause is this: The national camp has always been preoccupied with security divorced from any serious analysis of the causal connection between security and the character of Israel’s system of governance—the regime. To this extent the “Right” is not homeless but heedless, if not mindless. » Continue reading “The “Right”: Is it Merely Homeless?”

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Whither Are We Going?

If a great people does not believe that the truth is only to be founding itself alone…;if it does not believe that it alone is fit and destined to raise up and save all the rest by its truth, it would at once sink into being ethnographic material, and not a great people.

No Israeli government has ever formulated a Jewish national strategy to dissolve the conflict between Israel and the Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. To the contrary, every government of Israel has pursued policies which can only perpetuate this conflict. » Continue reading “Whither Are We Going?”

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The Still Wandering Jews of Israel

Just as their forefathers were fragmented and scattered among the nations, and just as they lacked the wherewithal to dispel the lies and prevent the injustices of their enemies, so the Jews of Israel are still fragmented and scattered, now in their own land, and still lacking the wherewithal to dispel the lies and prevent the injustices now inflicted upon them by their own government. Unity is nowhere in sight; Truth is eclipsed; Justice is dead; and we look in vain for the will or courage to overcome this affliction.

* * *

That Israel lacks unity is obvious. The nation is divided between religious and secular Jews, two categories that obscure a welter of other divisions. Anarchy called “pluralism” reins in Israel. Those who call for unity compete with those who call for tolerance.

Of the former I ask: Unity based on what principles, or for what goal or purpose? Unity can be found in tyrannies. There is also the unity of an ant heap. » Continue reading “The Still Wandering Jews of Israel”

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Roots, Love, and Personal Loyalty

Commenting on the Torah portion, The Life of Sara (in his monumental ouvre, Frameworks), Matis Weinberg writes: “With the Cave of Machpela, Avraham discovered … the intensity of his love of Sara, the depth of his roots in the earth, and his own need to remain rooted …”

In a marginal note, Rabbi Weinberg quotes Simone Weil: “To be rooted is perhaps the most important and the least recognized need of the human soul.” Unfortunately, Israel’s two most powerful office-holders, Supreme Court President Aaron Barak and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, are oblivious of this simple but profound truth, for they themselves are severed from the roots of the Jewish People. » Continue reading “Roots, Love, and Personal Loyalty”

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