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A Message to Thoughtful People

A Message From The Jewish National Alliance—Hazit

Would a thoughtful person vote for a party that signed the March 2003 Likud Coalition Agreement committing the signatories to Oslo? That agreement led to the Evacuation Law which dispossessed and deported 10,000 Jews living in Gaza and Northern Samaria.

Do you know that two reputedly nationalist parties signed that agreement: National Union and the National Religious Party? » Continue reading “A Message to Thoughtful People”

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The Hamas Covenant of Death

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it …” Thus begins the Hamas Covenant of Death officially known as “The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement.” To grasp the true nature of the war that is being waged against the Jewish State of Israel, and not only by the Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, let us examine this Covenant of Death.

In discussing Islam's war against the Jewish state, the Covenant refers to the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza as but a single “squadron” of the “vast Islamic world.” “Our struggle against the Jews is very great,” and this struggle will go on “until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realized.” » Continue reading “The Hamas Covenant of Death”

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It’s the System, Stupid!

It’s the system, stupid!

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Freedom of the Press

To the editors of The Jerusalem Post:

The Jerusalem Post, as well as the so-called National Camp newspapers, Hotsofeh and Makor Rishon, are excluding any news on the Hazit Yehudit Leumit party headed by Baruch Marzel.

In the past two weeks, Makor Rishon has published the profiles of Kadima members but none of Hazit. » Continue reading “Freedom of the Press”

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How to Stop Palestinian Terrorist Attacks on Israel

Hazit maintains, as would any candid military expert, that the most effective way of stopping Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israel is to destroy the entire terrorist network west of the Jordan River. But since Israel’s ruling elites—such as Ehud Olmert (Kadima), Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), and Amir Peretz (Labor)—are not exemplars of wisdom and courage, Hazit offers another approach, perhaps equally unrealistic, but instructive. For this purpose we merely update various proposals which the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) made to the Bush administration: » Continue reading “How to Stop Palestinian Terrorist Attacks on Israel”

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The Jewish National Alliance (Hazit)—Principles & Positions

1) Israel’s essence as a Jewish State must be the State’s paramount principle to which all other principles are subordinate.

2) Therefore, an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish State is a precondition of participating in elections to, or holding any appointment in, any office of this State. » Continue reading “The Jewish National Alliance (Hazit)—Principles & Positions”

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Ben-Gurion Saw the Problem; National Union Chairman Benny Elon Does Not

Unlike David Ben-Gurion, Benny Elon approves of Israel’s parliamentary electoral system. Let me offer a thumb-nail sketch of this system before citing Ben-Gurion.

Unlike 74 out of 75 democratic countries, Israel constitutes a single nationwide electoral district. Parties must therefore compete for Knesset seats on the basis of Proportional Representation. Since no party has ever won a majority of Knesset seats, the cabinet invariably consists of a multiplicity of rival party leaders, each with his own agenda.

Moreover, since Knesset Members are not individually elected by and accountable to the voters in regional or constituency elections, they can ignore public opinion with impunity. » Continue reading “Ben-Gurion Saw the Problem; National Union Chairman Benny Elon Does Not”

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A Brief Survey of Absurdities

The National Jewish Alliance (Hazit) has been accused of dividing the nationalist camp! Could anything be more absurd?

How can Hazit divide the nationalist camp when it’s the only party that represents the nationalist camp! Ponder these incontrovertible facts—really existential absurdities. » Continue reading “A Brief Survey of Absurdities”

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Ponder the significance of Hamas’ stunning victory in the “Palestinian” elections. Since Hamas has never concealed its genocidal intentions toward Israel, that victory means that a very large majority of the “Palestinians” are committed to Israel’s annihilation.

This should have been obvious when Yasser Arafat initiated his terror war against Israel back in September 2000. Polls indicated that as much as 85% of the “Palestinians” supported suicide bombers. Indeed, they have educated their children to emulate these “martyrs” and have used them as human bombs.

Nevertheless, the Olmert government was more disposed to suppressing Jewish youth protesting the destruction of nine Jewish-owned structures in Amona » Continue reading “Hamas”

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Kristalnacht August 2005: What Should Be Done?

[Based on the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, February 20, 2006].

A. Introduction

1. Nobel Prize laureate Professor Yisrael Aumann, a lifelong religious Zionist, has said that the ideology of the Satmars, which negates all ties with the State of Israel and all that it represents, including its institutions, may have been right after all!

a. What prompted this reassessment was Disengagement and Amona.

b. I would go further. For many years I have warned that the State of Israel or its government poses the greatest danger to the Jewish People—and have I said this not as a religious Jew but as a classical political scientist who has taught the works of such masters as Aristotle and Machiavelli. » Continue reading “Kristalnacht August 2005: What Should Be Done?”

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