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Then and Now

Back in 1920, an event took place in Israel that redounds to the honor and courage of many Jews—secular and religious. Indeed, since these Jews were then subject to British rule, their noble conduct shines all the more brilliantly when contrasted to the behavior of many Jews across today’s political and religious spectrum.

The event is recorded in Dr. Joseph B. Shechtman’s excellent biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky, which I shall quote and paraphrase. In the process, the reader will see that the complicity of Arab policemen in murderous attacks against Jews today is not new. What is new is the insane and criminally irresponsible policy that arms and pays Arab “policemen” (hence mercenaries) to provide for Jewish security. » Continue reading “Then and Now”

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Vos amis méritent de la découvrir.

Bulletin N°19 Diffusez le !
23 Décembre 2004

1) Vous vous opposez au plan de déracinement de 9 000 Juifs de Gaza qui est peut-être le prélude celui de 230 000 Juifs de Judée et Samarie avant l'établissement d'un Etat palestinien qui inclura Jérusalem Est et le Mont du Temple.

2) Vous ne résistez pas seulement un « plan de désengagement » de Sharon mais un plan qui risque de mener la disparition définitive d'Israël. » Continue reading “MESSAGE URGENT A CEUX QUI S'OPPOSENT A L'EPURATION ETHNIQUE DE GAZA”

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* (New York: iUniverse, Inc., 2004)


For more than 2,500 years of recorded history, the greatest gentile minds in philosophy and science regarded the world as eternal. Not until the end of the twentieth century did the scientific community reject this dogma and arrive at the conclusion that the universe had a beginning, as stated 3,300 years ago in the first verse of the Torah. Moreover, physicists like Nathan Aviezer and Gerald Schroeder have shown that what is said in the Torah regarding the six days of creation is consistent with the findings of astronomy, physics, micro-biology, geology, archeology, paleontology, and other sciences. If it took some 2,500 years to overcome the dogma of an eternal universe and to bring the greatest scientific minds to a conclusion regarding the universe that accords with the first verse of the Torah, may it not be that the “Old Testament” (the Book of Truth) will eventually require its religious and non-religious rivals to undergo a fundamental metamorphosis? » Continue reading “AN EXCERPT FROM A JEWISH PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY*”

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Daniel Pipes, a board member of the U.S. Institute of Peace, is one of four members of the Presidium of the Jerusalem Summit, ostensibly a conservative or right-wing organization that includes distinguished Israeli academics. Surprisingly, various Muslim “moderates” were invited to and spoke at the Summit's second annual 3-day conference in Jerusalem. The Summit not only focused on the subject of “moderate” Islam, but also called for action to help Muslim “moderates” magnify their influence in the Islamic world. This has been a mission of Daniel Pipes, a renowned expert on Islam. » Continue reading “MUSLIM “MODERATES””

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QUESTIONS ! Bulletin N°12 Diffusez le !

Vos amis méritent de la découvrir.

Bulletin N°12 Diffusez le !
15 Décembre 2004

1) S’il est normal de redouter et de fuir les morts violentes, les Arabes sont-ils un peuple normal, et sinon, les Juifs peuvent-ils faire la paix avec un tel peuple ?

2) S’il est naturel ou normal de haïr les assassins de ceux que vous aimez et si les Juifs ne haïssent pas les Arabes, les Juifs sont-ils un peuple normal ? » Continue reading “QUESTIONS ! Bulletin N°12 Diffusez le !”

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Daniel Pipes & Bernard Lewis vs. Tocqueville

Anyone who has read Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America knows of his extraordinary mind. He was not only a wise, penetrating, and prophetic, but his was an aristocratic mind: magnanimous, urbane, and free from sectarian prejudice. Hence one should take all the more seriously his assessment of Islam:

“I studied the Quran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. So far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.”

Can anyone imagine scholars like Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes hinting, let alone saying, such a thing today about Muslims? » Continue reading “Daniel Pipes & Bernard Lewis vs. Tocqueville”

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Vos amis méritent de la découvrir.

Bulletin N°5 Diffusez le !
10 Décembre 2004

(Invertébrés s'abstenir)

L'élite dirigeant Israël a conduit le peuple juif l’échec.

Je pense en priorité aux premiers ministres israéliens et aux élus – responsables en priorité de l’Etat Juif et de la sécurité de ses citoyens.

Puis aux chefs de Tsahal—les Forces de Défense d’Israël—et aux chefs des services secrets dont aucun n’a démissionné pour protester contre la faillite des décideurs politiques. » Continue reading “LACHETE MORALE OU L’ECHEC DE L’ELITE”

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Vos amis méritent de la découvrir.

Bulletin N°2 Diffusez le !
2 Décembre 2004

Les experts qui décrivent l’attitude des citoyens et des partis politiques israéliens face au conflit palestino-israélien usent souvent d’un vocabulaire inadapté :

Les qualificatifs de droite, gauche et centriste, notamment, ne correspondent pas la réalité politique.

En effet, ce conflit concerne des régimes diamétralement opposés : Israël, qui se prétend une démocratie, et l’OLP—Autorité palestinienne, une tyrannie sans équivoque.

Nous édictons dix principes concernant Israël et l’OLP—Autorité palestinienne. Nous en tirerons des conclusions logiques. » Continue reading “CENTRISTES DE LA TRANCHE”

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