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Men Without Chests Revisited

During aristocratic ages, man’s moral center of gravity is the chest—the seat of “honor.” A gentleman’s honor was more than mere probity, and far more than prestige. As late as the 18th century, the lexicon defined “honor” as a quality that “supposes in a gentleman a stronger abhorrence of perfidy, falsehood, or cowardice, and a more elevated and delicate sense of virtue, than are usually found in [ordinary decent men].”

A gentleman’s honor was therefore his most sacred possession. An insult to such a person, if unanswered, could result in his and his family’s ruin. The manly response to offended honor was the duel. » Continue reading “Men Without Chests Revisited”

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A Question of Deity

In his classic Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville writes: “There is hardly any human action, however particular it may be, that does not originate in some very general idea men have conceived of the Deity …”

Surely this is true of the Muslim-Jewish conflict. As one Muslim spokesman put it before the Six-Day War: “The propagandists of secularism, who leave out of account the religious factor in the Palestine problem, ignore the fact that this is the only bone of contention in the world which has persisted for thirty centuries and is still based on religious and spiritual foundations.” » Continue reading “A Question of Deity”

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Without a Goal

Without a goal the country lives from hand to mouth.

Without a goal the government merely reacts to the enemy.

Without a goal the country staggers from crisis to crisis.

Without a goal the government has no wisdom and no courage.

Without a goal the country has no direction.

Without a goal the government inspires no confidence.

Without a goal the country succumbs to internal divisions.

Without a goal the government arouses the contempt of the enemy.

Without a goal the country has no future.

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Only God

THE FACT that the warrior Arik Sharon, from the political Right, replaced Israel’s most decorated soldier, Ehud Barak, from the political Left, as this country’s prime minister, and yet Jews remain helpless victims of Arab terrorists, should teach us that politics cannot solve Israel’s dilemma. That Israel still stumbles along like a drunkard should teach us that politics has deprived this country of direction or of any sense of national purpose.

That Israel’s government continues to genuflect to Washington and still seeks the peace of a murderous villain like Yasser Arafat should teach us that politics has enfeebled this country and undermined its dignity or sense of national honor. The successive election of seven Israeli prime ministers—Begin, Shamir, Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, Barak, and Sharon—and their obvious inability even to diminish the “Arab problem”—should teach us that democratic elections have been exercises in futility. » Continue reading “Only God”

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A Record of Judicial Despotism

Before setting forth the record of judicial despotism of Israel’s Supreme Court under its president, judge Aharon Barak, it will be worthwhile to mention a judicial ruling of one of the greatest Talmudists, Ra’avad (Rabbi Avraham ben David of Posquires, 1125-1198). Ra’avad held that a Beth Din may never revoke the decision of a previous Beth Din once its latter has taken hold and spread throughout Israel.

In the last two months of 1998, Israeli courts, handed down three precedent-setting rulings that contain the seeds for fundamental change in Israel’s way of life. The first was a decision of the Supeme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, that forced the religious councils in Jerusalem and Kiryat Tivon to seat representatives of the Reform and Conservative movements. » Continue reading “A Record of Judicial Despotism”

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Keeping Silent About Evil

Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes in The Gulag Archipelago: “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations. It is for this reason … that they are growing up ‘indifferent.’ Young people are acquiring the conviction that foul deeds are never punished on earth, that they always bring prosperity. It is going to be uncomfortable, horrible, to live in such a country.”

President George Bush does not hesitate to call Muslim terrorists “evil-doers,” and he labels the regimes that harbor them an “axis of evil.” He refrains, however, » Continue reading “Keeping Silent About Evil”

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A Purim Proposal

Countless Jews complain about the ineptitude of Israeli governments, whether headed by the Labor Party or the Likud. Hence the present writer, having made an exhaustive 20-year study of Israel and its Jewish politicians, and having examined the agendas of America’s leading Zionist organizations, hereby confidently offers the only possible solution to Israel’s decrepit and perilous state of affairs. I PROPOSE THAT THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL HIRE GENTILES TO RUN THEIR GOVERNMENT!

Preposterous you say? » Continue reading “A Purim Proposal”

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Seeing Black and White: Ariel Sharon, Oslo and the Haters of G-d

I. Sharon’s Ha’Aretz Interview
After almost two years of humiliation under Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon may appear to the people of Israel as a man of great dignity, wisdom, and honesty. Indeed, his April 13 interview with Ha'aretz Magazine reveals a surprisingly thoughtful and forthright prime minister with Zionist convictions. As we shall soon see, however, Sharon harbors a tragic flaw, one that has emasculated Israel’s political and intellectual elites. But first, let us mention some of the refreshing statements of Sharon’s Ha’aretz interview. » Continue reading “Seeing Black and White: Ariel Sharon, Oslo and the Haters of G-d”

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The Zigzags of Ehud Barak

In May 1999, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, speaking at a memorial ceremony at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem, said:

“Only one who does not understand the depth of the total soul-connection between the Jewish nation and Jerusalem, and only one who is totally estranged from the legacy of Jewish history, and from the Jewish vision and life-song, and to the faith and the hope of generations, could even begin to consider an Israeli concession on any part of Jerusalem. Only one who does not understand that Jerusalem is intertwined in the souls of our ancestors for 3,000 years, the focus of our national yearning, the secret of its strength and existence, could demand that we turn our backs on it. It will never come about! For it is a matter of our national existence, and we only have one Jerusalem.”

Speaking as the head of the opposition Labor Party Ofrah in 1997, Mr. Barak declared: “We have red lines: A united Jerusalem, under our sovereignty, capital of Israel forever, period.” » Continue reading “The Zigzags of Ehud Barak”

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A Colossal Fraud

Some of the highest officials in Israel’s government are committed to Israel’s demise as a Jewish state. I have especially in mind Justice Minister Tommy Lapid and Interior Minister Avraham Poraz, both of the anti-religious Shinui Party. Since both men were appointed by Ariel Sharon, one also has to wonder about the prime minister’s sense of Jewish identity. After all, in justifying his choice of Shinui to promote immigration to Israel, Mr. Sharon said: “I see that [a Jew is] whoever comes, sees himself as part of the Jewish people, serves in the army, and fights”.

Quite apart from his commitment to a Palestinian state on Jewish soil, Sharon opposes amendment of the “grandfather clause” of the Law of Return, which has allowed hundreds of thousands of Russian gentiles to enter the country. Many wish to establish an autonomous Russian national entity in Israel. Consider a letter of Anatoly Gerasimov, Chairman of the Russian Community in Israel, which seeks worldwide support for that community’s nationalist objectives. » Continue reading “A Colossal Fraud”

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