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Two Cheers

Two cheers for Nathan D. Wirtschafter, a member of the Likud, whose article in The Jerusalem Post (September 11, 2008), “Direct elections begin with the Likud primary” comes close to advocating some of the institutional reform proposals of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy and of the Yamin Israel Party.

Mr. Wirtschafter calls for “regional elections with single-member districts, a professional cabinet and a new judicial selection system … ”

To propose a professional cabinet is to propose, in effect, separation between the executive and legislative branches of government. The proposed cabinet would then no longer consist of the leaders of rival political parties (one of the root causes of Israel’s malaise). Mr. Wirtschafter could have clarified matters by simply and explicitly calling for a presidential system of government.

Unfortunately, his party leader, Binyamin Netanyahu, in an interview with the Russian Chanel-7, rejected district elections as well as a presidential system of government—and on the most frivolous grounds. As if he never heard of the U.S. House of Representatives and its 435 districts but only two political parties, Netanyahu said that district elections in Israeli would produce sixty political parties! » Continue reading “Two Cheers”

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Cops and Coddlers Revisited

Yamin Israel is often asked why it does not form an alliance with nationalist elements of the Likud. After all, doesn’t the Likud represent “the trunk of the nation,” as one prominent Likud member has emphasized?” Hasn’t Yamin Israel always sought to form a united front of nationalist groups? Aren’t Likud hawks like Moshe Arens tried-and-true nationalists?

These questions reminded me of an article I wrote in 1989, “Cops and Coddler.” It was during the first Intifada, and in power was a Shamir-led national unity government. A slightly shortened version of the article follows:

On 6 February 1989, Prime Minister Shamir declared, “The time has come for the world to finally understand that Eretz Yisrael can only belong to the State of Israel. Anything else is inconceivable.”

Four day later, Shamir’s statement was contradicted by his Foreign Minister, Moshe Arens: » Continue reading “Cops and Coddlers Revisited”

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Yamin Israel Dissociates From Hazit

Any statement issued by the spokesmen of Hazit regarding any public issue or any public event should not be construed as representing the position of the Yamin Israel Party.

Despite Hazit’s affirmation of Eretz Yisrael as one of its basic principles, the failure of that party to fully comprehend and systematically publicize institutional reform as a logical and necessary precondition of preserving Israel as a Jewish commonwealth compels the Yamin Israel Party to dissociate itself from Hazit. » Continue reading “Yamin Israel Dissociates From Hazit

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Why Israel is Losing the War for Its Survival

A Message from Yamin Israel

In fighting against Arab terrorists, the reluctance of Israel’s political elites to cause civilian casualties is usually attributed to their humanitarianism and/or to their fear of adverse world opinion. More significant is this: the leaders of a nation don’t have scruples when they are fighting for a cause they believe in.

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A Post-Election, Passover Message


On behalf of the Yamin Israel Party, we want to thank all of you who voted or rooted for the Jewish National Front—Hazit in the March elections. Yamin Israel is proud of its alliance with Hazit.

Despite Hazit’s very limited financial resources and its being deliberately blacked out by the media, and despite the subversive propaganda against voting for this small party, Hazit received 25,935 votes, the equivalent of one mandate—no mean accomplishment. » Continue reading “A Post-Election, Passover Message”

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In Defense of Baruch Marzel

Spokesmen and supporters of National Union and the National Religious Party are denouncing Baruch Marzel (and his Jewish National Alliance—Hazit) for having deprived NU-NRP of one mandate.

Before addressing this issue, let me first congratulate the 25,935 people who voted Hazit. You did not succumb to the paltry propaganda about not “wasting your vote on a small party.” Hence you are the most highly principled and intelligent citizens of Israel, and I salute you! » Continue reading “In Defense of Baruch Marzel”

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Joe Settler Endorses Marzel's Hazit

Elections 2006: Joe Settler Endorses…

If you had asked me last year which party I would endorse for the next elections, by default I would have said the National Union.

I respect Benny Elon and Aryeh Eldad both as individuals and as upright, unwavering legislatures. Once Efi Eitam joined their party I felt they presented an appealing team that well represented many of the national and partisan issues important to me. » Continue reading “Joe Settler Endorses Marzel's Hazit

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Don’t Waste Your Vote!

By Avi Hyman and Yosef Fuerst

With only a day to go have you decided where your vote is going? Are you at peace with your decision? Or are you like too many people allowing the pollsters and naysayers to decide where your ballot goes?

This past summer countless Jewish tears were shed as we all suffered through the expulsion and destruction of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron communities. We all stood by helpless as thousands of soldiers bearing the Jewish flag on their uniforms dragged our people away from our territory with despicable ease. Ariel Sharon proved that after 2000 years of exile it still isn’t that difficult to uproot Jews and send them packing.

Ask yourself, throughout this travesty where were the people we on the right elected to prevent such an occurrence? » Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Vote!”

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The Battered Woman Syndrome

by Baruch Marzel
Mar 27, '06 / 27 Adar 5766

Those same political hacks who failed in the struggle and took part in the government's plans for the expulsion from Gush Katif are asking us to hold our noses and vote for them.

The provocative campaign of the National Union-National Religious Party against my candidacy for the Knesset is, above all, reminiscent of the battered woman. A man beats, abuses and dishonors his wife, who, in great anger, throws him out of the house; yet, he is sure that he will return. » Continue reading “The Battered Woman Syndrome”

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Who Are You, Baruch Marzel?

View the new film about the head of the Jewish National Front—Hazit, whose symbol is כ'.

Before you go to the polls, you must see this—

This Time, Don't Compromise” [In Hebrew]

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