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Passover Greetings

To the members and supporters of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, which alone has designed a constitution based on classical democratic principles assimilated to the Torah’s conception of man’s creation in the Image of God, a constitution that would correct the flawed ideological foundation as well as the flawed institutional structure of modern Israel, a constitution, therefore, that would secure Israel’s future as a Godly Nation that empowers and dignifies the Jewish People, we extend our sincere wishes for a joyful and meaningful Passover.

Paul Eidelberg, President
Eleonora Shifrin, Executive Director

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Judge Aharon Barak on Judaism and Democracy

In a speech at Haifa University, former Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak declared: “It may already be said that the term 'Jewish and democratic' is not a contradiction, but rather a completion.” Judge Barak obviously has a permissive view of Judaism as well as of democracy. On the other hand, perhaps he was just being “politically correct.” Let’s examine the issue candidly.

The Torah divides the Jewish people into Kohanes, Levites and Israelites. To these divisions it applies, in various instances, non-egalitarian laws. For example, if the wife of a Kohane is raped, he must divorce her. This is not so for the spouse of a Levite or an Israelite.

In procuring their release from captivity, “A Kohane takes precedence over a Levite, a Levite over an Israelite, and an Israelite over a bastard … This applies when they are all [otherwise] equal; but if the bastard is learned in the Torah and the Kohane is ignorant of the Torah, the learned bastard takes precedence over the ignorant Kohane” (Mishnah, Horayot 3:8). » Continue reading “Judge Aharon Barak on Judaism and Democracy”

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A Little Light, Please, on Some Ruling Elites

Chanukah is a festival of light, and light is the source of truth. Let’s have a little light, please, beginning with Pope Benedict XVI.

Recall Hezbollah’s unprovoked attack on Israel on July 12, 2006. On July 16, the Pope said: “At the origin of these devastating confrontations, there are, unfortunately, objective situations of the violation of law and justice. But neither terrorist acts nor retaliation can be justified, especially when these come with tragic consequences for the civilian population.”

This is more than “do not resist evil.” The Pope placed Hezbollah’s terrorist acts and the Israel’s retaliation on the same moral level: for him, neither can be justified. It seems that Pope Benedict XVI had succumbed to moral equivalence, which makes nonsense of the New Testament. » Continue reading “A Little Light, Please, on Some Ruling Elites”

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Philosophical Journalism

Political journalism is not politically neutral or “value-free.” This may also be said of political science, pretensions to the contrary notwithstanding. The reason is this:

The reporting of news, like academic discourse on politics, inevitably involves criteria of importance: some things are intrinsically more important than others. But criteria of importance are not politically neutral.

Moreover, the criteria employed by any political commentator depend on his intellectual breadth and depth. Some journalists, like some political scientists, have more experience and wisdom than others. They are not value-free, which is not to say that political commentary is a species of autobiography.

Confronting the journalist is a chaos of news data. What he selects for emphasis depends on objective as well subjective factors. » Continue reading “Philosophical Journalism”

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The Hidden Motives of Israel’s Ruling Elites: Behind the Policy of Territory for Peace

Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, November 5, 2007. This Report is an abbreviation of a 24-page policy paper, “The Fixation of Israel’s Elites on Land for Peace: Five Interpretations,” scheduled for publication by a major journal in December.

Part I

People everywhere are bewildered by Israeli politics. They cannot fathom the motives of Israel’s ruling elites, their addiction to the futile and fatal policy of territory for peace. What really motivates these politicians?

Some pundits say they are stupid or mad or suffer from a Jewish “death wish.” Others say that Israel’s dependency on U.S military aid compels Israeli prime ministers to genuflect to Washington. Let me offer an alternative explanation.

When I made aliya in 1976, I was amused to hear people say that the paramount concern of Israeli politicians is their “seats.” » Continue reading “The Hidden Motives of Israel’s Ruling Elites: Behind the Policy of Territory for Peace”

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A New Leadership

All those who went to Homesh to express their Jewish commitment to Eretz Israel deserve the greatest praise. Their evacuation by the police will not dishearten them. Among them will be the leaders of a future Israel.

But they should know and carefully consider the fact that events in Israel and in the Middle East are running much, much faster than their own current activities. » Continue reading “A New Leadership”

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Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About

by Volvi G

Must watch video by everyone in the West to know and understand that WW3 is truly upon us all. Western Media would rather keep you blinded in ignorance. So learn the truth for yourself and don't say “I never knew, I never realised”. Learn the truth for yourself. Realise too that the current onslaught on Israel has nothing to do with 'Land' or any 'Occupation'. It is all part of global Jihad and it behoves you to know the truth. » Continue reading “Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About”

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Israel’s Moment of Truth

[Edited transcript of The Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, July 17, 2006.]

I hate to use the banality, but Israel is facing its moment of truth. Threatened by sanctions and internal strife, Israel will be pressured to accept a cease fire.

Since Israel doesn’t have the economic power for a protracted war, the only way to avoid sanctions is to launch a massive ground invasion of Lebanon, which should have been done two or three days ago. No war can be won merely by bombing from the air. You cannot find and destroy most of the enemy’s rocket launchers without a ground invasion. The air force should be used primarily to support ground attacks, which alone can destroy a significant number of the enemy and his rocket launchers.

To destroy the enemy’s ground forces means to kill as many Hezbollah terrorists as possible. » Continue reading “Israel’s Moment of Truth”

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Making Votes Count – They Don't in Israel


Making Votes Count is the title of a book by Gary Cox, a leading expert on electoral systems.[1] Here I shall try to simplify his mathematically oriented research by paraphrasing and reorganizing statements scattered throughout his study of 77 countries listed by Freedom House as having democratic elections (circa 1992).

Although Professor Cox does not put it this way, a country’s electoral system can be decisive for its character, for it may determine Who shall rule and for what Ends or purposes. Which means that the caliber of politicians and the goals and policies they pursue depend very much on the method by which they are elected. The method of election determines the relationship between citizens and office-holders, hence the extent to which a country approximates a representative democracy. As will be seen in a moment, an ostensibly democratic electoral system can enable the ruling political party or parties to ignore the concerns of most citizens between elections and thereby make a mockery of democracy. » Continue reading “Making Votes Count – They Don't in Israel”

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The David Ha'ivri Case – full version

Expert Opinion Presented to the Jerusalem District Court by
Professor Paul Eidelberg on Behalf of David Ha'ivri

Below is the full edition. An abridged edition containing an Introduction and Summary only is available here.

A. Introduction

1. The David Ha'ivri case involves, initially, a clash between two democratic principles: freedom and equality. Printing the picture of Rabbi Kahane on the front of a number of shirts and on the back thereof the slogan “No Arabs No Terror Attacks” manifests the democratic principle of the freedom of expression. Conversely, the phrase “No Arabs No Terror Attacks” has been construed by the prosecution as “racist,” and racism offends the democratic principle of equality. » Continue reading “The David Ha'ivri Case – full version”

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